Help me update the club's past history

Post by KOB - 04-05-2019, 10:12

I'm updating the club history ready for next season but would really like to add some detail of the seventies and before, and the 90s and early 2000s. All we currently have is:

"In 1973, Glynn Howell was appointed Manager. In his six year reign, the team won the Aldershot Senior League three times in succession, and the Aldershot Senior Cup."

Then we have stuff on the very early 1980s, but then nothing till 2007-08, which is when I picked it up and first updated it. So we're missing a lot of recent and not-so-recent history. Can you help?

It only really needs to be headline details (managers, league position, cup results/cup runs etc.), otherwise it becomes too long. But send me anything (memorable player stats/events/wins etc.) and I can always edit it down and maybe have the longer version on our website but a shorter version for programme editors.

If you are able to fill in some of the missing years I'm sure many of us would be grateful. And it will then be in the official club history for the generations of players and supporters to come!

Either post it right here on the forum, or email notes to me at