Good luck Mikey, we'll miss you!

Post by KOB - 03-06-2019, 07:37

Sorry to hear that Mikey Campbell will be playing elsewhere next season. Gave his all to Hartley, played with a roguish smile nearly all the time and was always very approachable. Will miss his tenacious style, especially those gritted teeth runs across field to close down the opposition, and of course the joy he showed on his face when he scored. It means a lot to fans when we see players with that motivation and emotion inside them.
Thanks Michael for a memorable time at the Club, and your goals, and the best of luck; I know you'll do well wherever you'll be playing, just back off a bit if it's against us, hey :-)
From the Club Twitter feed:
Good luck @MikkeCamz in your next venture. Been a valuable asset both on and off the pitch, a great lad with an eye for a goal and a incredible work ethic. From all at Hartley, thank you and we wish you nothing but the best!
  • Mick

    03-06-2019, 19:07

    Well summed up Kevin. Mikey played an important part in securing a top ten league finish for Hartley. Whoever you sign for, they will gain a quality forward and a great personality - best of fortune fella. :-)
  • Rob.b

    03-06-2019, 09:01

    Not really a surprise after talking to him last season just because he lives in London and the journey is not easy. Great guy and a excellent player and I really wish him the best.
    I am sure the gaffers have some new players lined up, maybe even from just down the A30?? Who knows.
    • Mick

      10-06-2019, 13:09

      I understand via The Non League paper that Mikey has now signed for Hendon FC.