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Hartley 0 Basingstoke 2

Post by VINTY - 06-01-2019, 11:59

Having heard great things from around the club and reports about the new look Hartley side, and having not seen the team play since the last time they succumbed easily to Basingstoke, I must have put the mockers on them because their performance this week was way below part from the enlightment of previous weeks, especially in the second half, where we seemed to lose our way, we looked tired, and there was no inspiration. We were certainly second best. We gave possession away to easily to the opposition, we were caught in possession too often and some of the simple passing was dreadful. By the end of the game we supporters felt if we had played another 90 minutes we would not have scored. We still eak goals by making silly mistakes and get punished, which is shown by the fact we have now gone 17 games since keeping a clean sheet!!!!
I only hope that this is a one off blip in the team's performance and that next Saturday at Walton we will show our true colours and come out fighting. UP THE ROW
  • Joe

    07-01-2019, 15:28

    This was my first chance to see Hartley this season and to be honest there wasn’t a great deal between the sides. However Basingstoke, under a highly regarded new Coach, are a better side than their league position suggests. They looked solid in defence, worked hard in midfield to stop Hartley playing, and broke very quickly with their counter attacks. Sam Smart and Harry Pearse were quick and skilful and are a handful.
    Hartley tried to play football on a bobbly pitch but in the second half were sloppy in their distribution and Basingstoke took full advantage. The Row are still on a upward curve IMO and people need to remember where the team were 3 seasons ago. To be disappointed to lose to a club of Basingstoke’s size and history shows how far Hartley have come. There are some good young players in the squad who can only get better so the future is bright. Keep the faith.
    • KOB

      07-01-2019, 20:02

      Good positivity on here from Joe, Duncan and Mick, thanks guys. Millers admitted we just weren't at it on Saturday, for whatever reason. Sometimes it just happens, the significance of a game affects players, and in a derby it always hurts more when it does. Basingstoke will have felt the same hurt at their place in the league when it went our way. The pressure of playing at home in a derby perhaps. But we dust ourselves off and go again.
  • KOB

    06-01-2019, 12:13

    Another game I missed, along with all the others I've missed over the last 2 months for one reason or another, but likewise I was surprised we didn't show some return from the game. It's a setback, a big one, just as it would have a been a big setback for 'stoke if we'd won. How do we go from beating the league leaders and playing, from what I read, some terrific football, to losing a local derby in the way we did, at least from what you've said Nick. Welcome back, by the way.

    Anyone else have some views on the game that might throw a light on what went wrong yesterday? Had we won, Basingstoke's forum would be red hot today, so perhaps we need to show we do share the passion for our club that some of them show for theirs. Lined up in a mega queue at the Eurotunnel yesterday afternoon, checking Twitter, I was not the nicest of people to be sat next to in the car, and not because of the queue!
    • Duncan

      06-01-2019, 18:00

      from where I was stood yesterday was simply a "bad day at the office" for the Row - and to be honest it felt like Basingstoke wanted the three points more than we did. They knew their pace going forward could cause us problems and so it did.

      As long as we keep playing football the way we have against Taunton, Poole, Farnborough, Gosport and Swindon Supermarine we will collect the points we need to stay in this division - and, just as importantly, continue to grow the numbers coming along to watch. All of these games have seen a consistent style of play, a will to want the ball on the ground and to play good football; the results have not always gone our way but had we managed to convert more of the chances created then we would have notched up another 3 or 4 points over the festive period. Heading through November the management team took some brave and bold decisions on our playing staff - hats off to them to be fair.

      Importantly, if we can collect wins against the teams in and around us in the league and continue to play football as we have been doing then I for one will be happy. I hope we can keep hold of some or all of the players on loan for a while longer - they have certainly been a catalyst to our recent uplift in style, confidence and positivity...
    • Mick

      06-01-2019, 14:20

      For what it is worth, here are my views. The squad has many relatively new faces included and consistency can be a challenge to attain. We only have the QPR lads for a limited time as well. It would have taken a very special defensive set up to have contained Sam Smart yesterday and we did not have the answer. Millers and Turks do have difficult decisions to make in order to shuffle the pack and produce League points to keep the Club at this level - they continue to do this IMO. I would hate to think that as supporters we have turned into a bunch of moaners, but we are in danger of heading into that territory.
      Important to remember where the Club was 4 years ago and just how much work has been put in both on and off the pitch by so many genuine people. The very least we can do as supporters is to do what it says on the can.
      Not many points separate us from a relegation dog fight and mid table security - let's make sure the latter is achieved by our passion to back this squad. UTR.
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