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Now things get interesting

Post by KOB - 30-01-2019, 09:49

We're into the pointy part of the season now and things will get interesting, with practically every club in the bottom half of the table facing the possibility of being dragged into the bottom three. A good run here, a poor run there and suddenly it all changes. This could go right to the wire - perhaps to the final game - for quite a few clubs.

We start with what on paper now looks like a very tough game at home to Wimborne on Saturday. They beat us 2-1 at their place - though we had chances in that game we didn't take - and perhaps more significantly last night came out 3-0 winners in the league against the same Met Police who gave us a hiding on Saturday. Every game is beginning to feel like a cup match now and we need to be prepared to battle for every ball.

Can't pass comment on last night's game as I missed it. Looked a slightly odd team sheet; perhaps it was taken as the chance to give some players game time and try them in alternative positions. Looking forward to reading the comments of anyone who made it to the game.
  • Mick

    30-01-2019, 13:42

    Well Kevin - you probably won't be looking forward to these comments on the game. The most important decision of the evening was made by the referee, and that was to play this fixture at all. The damage to the pitch in view of our important league fixture against Wimborne on Saturday will not be easy to fix. No blame attached to the players from either side when pitch and weather conditions dictate the enthusiasm to perform. I should have listened to my first instincts last night and watched an indoor table tennis fixture. The officials made off with their fees for the night while Hartley ground staff face the unenvious task of fixing the playing surface!
    • VINTY

      30-01-2019, 17:54

      I had not intended to make any comments on the game as I did not want to heap any more doom and gloom on the players who had to play on a treacherous and slippery pitch, but I am afraid if the management were using this match to see if there were any nuggets to be found or a different formation or tactics they were sadly mistaken. Because apart from the first 15 minutes or so when we had two or three reasonable opportunities to score we then began to run out of ideas as the match wore on and we had no one to take charge and try to galivinise the lads into action. We badly need somebody to put their foot on the ball instead of getting rid of it anywhere as if it was a hot potato The only difference between
      two reasonably equal sides was the fact that again we made
      another gigantic error in defence (which is becoming the norm I am afraid) to allow them to score the only goal. To my mind the only player on our side to have done himself no harm was Jacques Kponomouh who in the second half must have made half a dozen last-ditched tackles which gained the approval of the supporters who had turned up to watch.
      What's the answer? We are not playing as well as we did last
      season, and somehow the management (who seemed very subdued last night) has got to find the right blend which suits the players we have right now; it ain't going to be easy, but we have all got to turn up Saturday and try and help give the boys a lift to get something out of the game. UP THE ROW
    • Rob.b

      30-01-2019, 14:48

      I agree with Mick, should never have been on in the first place. We had some great chances in the first half, and the second half is best not remembered. Blackfield had a few usefull players but both teams were pretty even. They got the lucky break from our mistake and that is what counted in the end.
      With 15 points separating the playoffs and relegation it is vital we get a couple of wins out of the next for games..
      You are right on the makeshift team last night, but guess that is the situation we are in at the moment.
      roll on Saturday and lets hope the weather is kinder between now and then?
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