Harrow 1 Hartley 0

Post by VINTY - 08-12-2022, 12:08

Hartley were very unfortunate in not taking at least a point from this game with a more spirited display than of late when the only goal came early on after a tragic slip in the box by the skipper allowed the opposition an easy finish, although he redeemed himself after that with an impeccable display for the rest of the game, but as has happened so often this season however hard we try for an equaliser we seem incapable of finding the net. In the last fifteen minutes we probably created three or four acceptable chances but alas none were taken.
There were new faces that appeared tonight and it is too early to predict if they can make a difference to our overall performance. We dont have the money or resources to target a top striker. I know that is the managements top priority but
I also know how much they are asking for and expecting and it is ludicrous money which we dont have.
But we have got to stay positive. We are halfway through the season and in a perilous position in the relegation zone, after four straight defeats, so lets not get too downhearted and disappointed. As everyone knows in football things can change very fast, attitudes can improve and a couple of wins brings confidence racing back and smiles on the faces of the fans.
Tonight we deserved at least a draw. So another away game at
Swindon on Saturday (weather permitting) --- forget England ---
lets get a decent number of supporters there and give our vocal support and encouragement to the boys. UP THE ROW
  • KOB

    08-12-2022, 13:43

    It's a tough time for players and fans at the moment, but the team remains competitive and we're creating chances. Alas, while we have a core group of players who've remained loyal, for some it's all about money. We've seen so many clubs get into trouble by spending what they can't afford, and we're not going to do that. Ian strikes me as being someone who very much understands the imperative need to protect the financial position of the club, which after the whole pandemic saga we know isn't great. So what can we do?

    We have at least 4 good central strikers at the club currently: Kyen, Jacob (who I assume is out on dual reg), Shamar and now Shae. Unfortunately all four need time to recover from an injury, or regain fitness, or simply find their form. Time we don't really have, but we can do nothing more than have patience, wait and hope. I'm not forgetting Kingsley, but I see Kings as more of a wide player.

    Of course, if anyone out there does fancy lobbing a few grand into the playing budget coffers, that would be most heartily welcomed by us all! Till then, keep working boys, as that's how you make your luck change.