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Promotion/Relegation 2021/22

Post by Tyler - 09-06-2021, 16:52

Trying to make sense of this...

Next season, Step 1 will run a team short because of Macclesfield, Step 2 will run a team short because of Bury and Step 3 will run a team short because of Blackfield & Langley.

The FA have indicated 4 clubs will be relegated from each Step 3 division (4 x 4) and 2 clubs will be promoted from each Step 4 division (8 x 2).

So how do they fill the 3 vacancies? I think they have too many clubs going down from Step 3.
  • Tyler

    19-11-2021, 15:37

    They've finally figured it out... it only them took 5 months!

    Only 9 clubs (rather than 16) will now be relegated to Step 4 at the end of this season. That will be the bottom 2 from each of the 4 divisions, then the 9th relegated club will be the one with the lowest points per game (PPG) total not already relegated.

    The league tables on the Southern League website do not show these changes... perhaps that will follow in another 5 months from now?
    • David Willoughby

      19-11-2021, 15:55

      Some may say that is a relief, but we are NOT going to finish anywhere near that low.
      Millers will work his magic and the players will respond in true Hartley spirit (within the laws of the game!).
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