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Former Gazette reporter John Boyman loses his cancer battle

Post by KOB - 19-10-2021, 14:30

There have been so many sad pieces of news over the last 18 months or so, but for me this came as one of the truly saddest.

It was with huge sadness and shock that I just became aware of the passing of former Basingstoke Gazette Sports reporter, John Boyman, at the age of just 39.

John lost his battle against bowel cancer and passed away at his home in Aldershot on September 30th. Along with everyone in the local football community who knew John, especially those involved at Basingstoke Town and our own club, our thoughts go out to to his wife Helen and sons Zac and Thom.

John regularly reported on Basingstoke's games via a live feed from the Camrose, and occasionally our own games, and travelled with both teams on several memorable FA Cup journeys. He was a terrific sports writer, a hugely likeable guy and he had a true love for the game and for the many other sports he covered. Football coverage at the Gazette was never quite the same after John left the paper, as I'm sure former Sports Editor Graham Merry would agree in spite of his own excellent coverage.

Several of us shared some great footballing moments with John, including the memorable 4-3 FA Cup win away at Clevedon Town from which John did a live feed to the Gazette's website, but only after a Row supporter helped out. He posted this, which is still online:

"Right everyone, I'm off home. Hope you enjoyed the coverage - and if you did you need to thank Hartley fan Craig (he has massive hair) the next time you see him in the bar. I was having trouble with my internet connection and I doubt tonight's live updates would have been possible had he not loaned me his dongle!"

Thanks to John, and to Craig, we can still relive that wonderful night now.

God bless you John, bye for now.
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