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Crowd attendance

Post by Bazza - 11-11-2021, 17:51

I posted a comment on the Chesham match report regarding Kevins observation of our crowd figures (probably got lost with all the other comments). So I have repeated the relevant part below as I've just realised it's international weekend so theres no PL/Championship games.

'For a village of 5000 or so, an average crowd of 225 people equates to 4.5% of its population. Now let’s consider last Saturday’s opponents Chesham. With a population of approx. 30,000 they only pull in an average of 384, so just 1.28% of them watch. Top of the league Farnborough average 421 (less than 1% of its population), King’s Langley (similar population to HW) average only 213 or even Harrow Borough in Greater London (over 250,000 inhabitants) only average 134. So, percentage wise, we’re not doing too badly. But statistics don’t pay the bills !!
I have noticed a few clubs have tried offers to entice more support in. At Hungerford, for £20 (4 for a score) you get admission, programme, burger and a pint. Enfield are now offering football for a fiver for the rest of the season – this includes entrance, programme and burger (but this does seem extremely low to me). Also reduced entrance to season ticket holders of Premiership / Football League clubs on international weekends have been offered. Maybe one of these options may have a positive effect if utilised.'

I don't know if it's too late for this weekend, but is there a way we could offer say Reading FC season ticket holder (or any other clubs season ticket holders ) or as it's Rememberance Weekend, to our local armed forces personnel / fire/ police/ NHS a reduced entrance fee, especially with the prospect of a tasty cup game.

Just trying to think outside the box....

  • Elayne

    11-11-2021, 20:49

    I read your post and in fact was discussing it with Kings Langley on Tuesday evening as it made very interesting reading and we are very similar in many ways (although not on the pitch that night but we’ll put that right I’m sure).
    The committee discussed the issue of discounted entry for higher placed clubs quite some time ago but felt it was disrespectful to our own season ticket holders who had paid up front early and gained a discount for the season to then see cheaper entry for complete strangers. That decision is Hartley being driven by its heart for our supporters and the Hartley business head didn't get a say in it. Perhaps that’s what makes us who we are.
    Regarding Saturdays game - both clubs have to agree entry fees and every head in the ground has to be accounted for under FA financial accounting criteria so it isn’t possible to implement any further entry criteria as everything is in place now.
    We are still a very keenly priced club for admission at this level of football. A good number of clubs are charging £12 adult and £8 or £9 concession …but no one has a better tasting burger or as friendly a welcome as we do ;)
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