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Tough to take... and where's Mitch?

Post by KOB - 19-12-2021, 11:39

Tough to take... I could be talking about yet another possible (likely?) Covid lockdown, but I'm not. Having secured a terrific win midweek, we must have all been hopeful of getting something yesterday at Beaconsfield. A point was the minimum I'd hoped for. However, remembering the way they dismantled us at home early in the season (that was embarrassing), a close fought one-nil away loss can be seen as definite progress, at least defensively.

We have been consistently competitive in recent games and the boys are giving it a real good go. Well done Reece for again dropping into the left-back slot in Leo's absence and doing a sound job.

Seems there's another saga around Mitch Parker's continued absence after serving his three match ban. It's... peculiar that we saw Mitch at several of our matches prior to him rejoining us, and he was greeted by chants of 'give us our Mitch back' by the younger element of our fans, which he must have enjoyed. That can only have helped to persuade the management to give him another chance following his serious lack of dressing room discipline (which ignited other problems I won't go into here), and then how does he repay us? He could have made a difference in recent games, instead I'm led to believe we've not seen hide nor hair of him since his sending off. Letting the manager and his fellow teammates down is one thing. Letting down the youngsters who helped get you back into the squad is a whole other thing. It's going to take a huge dollop of contrition to persuade the management he deserves a third (or is it fourth?) chance. Doesn't seem likely.
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