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Player comings and goings

Post by KOB - 13-01-2022, 12:41

We've seen more than our fair share of player departures this season, which I know for sure Millers wouldn't have wished for in terms of the effect it has on consistency and team bonding. I've understood the reasoning in each case, and to be fair to Millers he always makes himself available to answer any of my questions. He's always open and honest with me, which means I can't always put things he tells me on an open forum. But even I don't see and hear things that go on behind the closed door of the dressing room, and the old adage is true that managers - he and Noakesy - know their players a lot better than me or any of us do. It's not all about what we see happening on the pitch.

Some departures, such as Kingsley and Leo recently, are totally understood. Both guys did the club proud but are rightly ambitious and will hopefully go on to have good careers in the professional game.

Of course occasionally player and team just don't gel for whatever reason; a player can fail at one club and go on to do well at another. Sometimes though, players are caught out by the step up to our level and just never settle. For them it does prove to be a step too far. Some stick with it and work their way into the side, perhaps via loan spells. They're the ones with patience and belief in Hartley as a club, and their commitment to the Row doesn't go unnoticed.

Other departures are the result of poor behaviour, and personally I feel the disrespect it shows to the club, let alone to the coaching staff and often fellow players who find themselves on the end of it, is all the reason anyone should need to let a player go. Supporters have witnessed the poor behaviour of players more than once this season, me included and I was not shy to let the player hear what I felt about it during the FA Cup game at Casuals.

That certainly isn't applicable to the latest two to leave the club, Pascal and Jacques Kpohomouh. Both put a lot of effort into performing well for us. They have now left us to join different step 4 sides, a level below us.

Jacques was very unfortunate to not only contract covid-19 but also suffer its effects for longer than usual, hence his extended absence. We thank him for his latest spell with us and wish him well at his new club.

Pascal had been out with an injury sustained in November but then also caught covid-19, which again prevented him from playing. Clearly that was not the reason he decided to now join AFC Totton, but dropping a level will perhaps assist him to get to grips with the rather different world of non-league football to what he had been used to. We wish him all the best as he furthers his career in the game.

I'll pause here, but there's more to come on players ins and outs...
  • KOB

    13-01-2022, 15:49

    I'd be delighted to hear the thoughts of others on any of the points raised here, as I'm sure many others would be instead of having to make do with reading my words all the time!

    If you don't already have an account for the forum, email me to request a login (admin [at] I've had to suspend signups via the website due to Putin's Pirates flooding the signup form every time I put it live... and funny how they are nearly always called Svetlana.
  • KOB

    13-01-2022, 15:27

    Picking up on this again now with more positive news.

    As supporters will have noted, there were two new faces in the side that played against the Royal Navy in the Hampshire Senior Cup on Tuesday night, left-back Jake Rumble and striker Lucias Vine. Both youngsters have joined us on loan from Vanarama National League clubs.

    Jake (and it is Jake, not Jack as reported elsewhere) graduated out of Woking FC's academy last summer and has been on loan at Westfield. He could be considered as Leo Hamblin's understudy and his move to us is similar to Leo's move from us to a step 2 club. In that sense it's pleasing that Woking have acknowledged how well Leo developed and matured as a player during his time with us that they are happy to now have Jake spend time with us.

    Jake (18) has also spent time this season learning his trade with our good friends Knaphill in the CCL Premier, before returning for another loan spell with Woking's near neighbours Westfield in the Isthmian League South Central. Joining us is another big step in Jake's footballing career path and we wish him well and hope he enjoys his time with the Row.

    Another 18 year-old, who came off the bench for his Row debut on Tuesday night, is Lucias Vine on loan from Aldershot Town. He has scored 10 goals in 14 games for the Shots' under-23 side this season. As with Jake, this is a potentially big career path step for Lucias, son of ex-pro Rowan Vine whose appearances for the Row during his first spell with us in 2017/18 will go down in club folklore.

    Welcome Lucias, we hope you will enjoy and prosper from your time with us.

    Finally, confirmation that we have seen the last of Mitchell Parker in a Row shirt, at least under the current management. A shame from the point of view of the good things he could do on the pitch, with the ability on his day to turn games around. I'll leave it at that.

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    • Rob.b

      14-01-2022, 11:44

      It is good to hear this sort of news, it should be in the programme each week though. One of the frustrations coming from watching a EFL side to non league is the lack of player news. I know it is a very diffrent world between the two and it is not always easy to do. It seems hardly a few games go by without a new face coming in, and then mostly going before you can remember their name. I know that is the world of non league, particually on our budget but it can be frustrating as a fan. It has also led to us having a massivley unsettled team this year which can not be helping things on the pitch? I know everybody is not doing this for the money, but for the love of playing, so I will never get on a players, or managers back, I think we are genrally grateful to be in the posistion we are and quite a humble set of fans.
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