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Bedfont and Feltham

Post by Millers - 21-08-2016, 11:12

What a disappointment! Its fair to say that the result has been coming and right now we are sleep walking as a group. The performance was a million miles away from some of our superb performances during pre-season and a long way from our reasonable showing at Farnham.
To be 2 goals up and then squander a lead is criminal, we only became interested at 2-2 which isn't good enough. The officials didn't help but pointing a finger there would only be deflecting blame. Credit to Bedfont for staying in the game and they had some talented individuals who performed well on the day.
A real poor day at the office and hopefully this is truly the shot in the arm we all needed - what we achieved last year was fantastic but its part of the clubs history now and has no bearing on this season....other than becoming the team everyone wants to beat! To achieve what we want to achieve is going to be very hard and will take a massive effort.
So with us out of the FA Cup and in need of a response we will be going strong into the game tuesday. We can assure those planning to travel that we will not be making 11 changes like we did last year at Tadley. There will be one or two switches but we go with the intent of winning the game, putting on a performance and progressing in a cup that now has more importance to us.
Hopefully see you there.
  • KOB

    21-08-2016, 16:29

    A good honest post, Millers. Lose focus at any half decent level of the game and you're likely to pay for it, even at 2 up. The important thing is that next time the boys find themselves in a situation where we think we have control, we remember this game and the feeling afterwards.

    But it wasn't just this game, clearly, and Millers and Dan recognise that. By our own standards, we've not started well. Last season we started as unknowns and it was only half way through the season teams tended to up their game against us. Now every team wants to beat the champions, and as Millers rightly says, that's club history now - great history, but history. To repeat it would be even tougher, but in terms of writing a glorious new chapter in the club's history, it's difficult to imagine what could beat consecutive championships. So are we good enough? Of course it needs hard work and the rub of the green at times - as at times last season - but we'll only do it if we stay 100% focused for 100% of every game, there's where we start from.
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