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Hartley v Bath City: Very well done, boys

Post by KOB - 21-09-2022, 10:31

The boys can be rightly very proud of their performance last night. At times in the second-half they were dominating the game, and from the very start their tempo was excellent, making it one of the most entertaining and nail-biting games seen at the Memorial Ground.

Perhaps it's the opposition that brought the best out of us, but this was so different from the performance in the previous round which got me worked up. The boys and coaching staff deserve nothing but praise for how they played the games against Bath City. Tempo, ball skills, passing, movement, energy - it was non-stop for the entire 90 minutes from us last night. No surprise we tired in extra-time, and that's when a higher ranked side is most likely to grab their chance. In the end that was the difference. We created more, but they scored the deciding goal. But surely no one could have left honestly believing Bath had not been somewhat, or very, lucky. But luck is part of the game and it deserted us last night. If Harry's cross in added time had met Youel's head a few centimeters different, we'd have been celebrating a huge win. At the time I felt that was our chance gone. But I take nothing away from any of the boys, they left nothing out there on the pitch and made us all very proud and so gutted for them at the end.

Just one comment on the official in the middle. What possesses you to halt the game when we are on the attack in a promising position, to admonish a member of the Bath City coaching staff? Do you think that what is said to you is more important than the game itself?

A 'high five' to all the support behind the goal the Row were attacking, terrific support that added so much to the atmosphere. It was a terrific game, even if the outcome at the very end was soul destroying for all of us.

After their exertions last night, it'll be difficult for the boys to lift themselves for the big league game at the weekend at home to Plymouth Parkway; we'll need the help of the supporters again.

And finally, last night was Aaron Goode's last game for us. He has left the Row to join Leatherhead, soon to be renamed Hartley Wintney Old Boys!
Thanks for your efforts for the club Goodey, and all the best with Tuffs and the rest of them for the season.
  • Rob.b

    21-09-2022, 16:44

    Indeed we should all be proud of last night. Everybody showed 100% comitment and they all never stopped running. We were strong everywhere except for putting the ball in the back of the next. Shame we have to wait another week for a game as we really need to transfer that sort of workrate into the league. Well done to everybody, even Mick for his company. Remember they were not a bath, they were a complete shower, LOL.
  • Mick

    21-09-2022, 14:24

    Certainly a high quality performance from the Hartley guys last night. IMO they gave everything in the quest to win this fixture. Echo the praise to the lads and lasses behind the goal who supported the team as well. Not wishing to be negative - there were approx 30 of them and not an inventive song/chant between them throughout! Banging on the pitch surrounds is hardly rocket science. The older lads/lasses have the nous to be creative and engineer songs that would be their signature for home fixtures. C'mon - step up to the challenge and make a difference. :-)
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