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AGM date announced

Post by KOB - 04-09-2023, 12:00

The Annual General Meeting of Hartley Wintney Football Club will be held on Monday 25th September 2023 in the Clubhouse, 7.30pm start.

Anyone wishing to move a resolution or raise a subject under Any Other Business must do so in writing to the Secretary not less than 14 days before the date of the AGM.
  • KOB

    26-09-2023, 10:53

    The Club thanks all those who came along to the AGM last night.

    It was quite appararent, from looking at the majority of those who attended, that we need to attract far more of our supporters to come along to these meetings, particularly those in their 20s and 30s with the fresh ideas and motivation to move things forward. Perhaps what keeps people away is the feeling that you might be roped into a job you didn't want, or that it's just listening to the club's accounts being disected (boring!). But actually the AGM is a prime opportunity for supporters to ask questions and get answers made in a public forum, which makes those answering accountable (at least to the supporters!).

    Firstly, no one at the club will ever force anyone into doing a job. Of course, we welcome volunteers and we do ask at every meeting, but you volunteer only if you feel it's something you want to do. No one is going to stick to a task, as a volunteer, unless they themselves are willing to do it; the club knows that. So never think you'll be singled out and landed with a task you never wanted!

    Last night's meeting lasted an hour - twice as long as a typical club AGM - which, as the Chairman pointed out, was "your fault KOB". He was smiling when he said it.. at least I think it was a smile. But hopefully those who attended found a lot of interest in what Luke, the Chairman, the Director of Football, and others, said when asked questions. I made a point of putting forward a couple of questions under AOB at the end, and the discussion that came from that - and followed on after the meeting in informal chats - was really helpful in understanding what goes on behind the scenes and all the angles that need to be considered.

    I have absolutely no doubt that if more supporters had come along, they would have heard a lot that would have interested them - not least, a significant piece of news given out which will only be made official later this week. So you see, it's not all a boring formal meeting where boxes are ticked and we all leave. It was a very good meeting last night, and my personal thanks to Millers, in particular, for explaining in depth his thoughts on the first team's recent troubled journey and the future, which does look a lot brighter.

    So please, next time you have the chance to attend, do come along, and make a point of sending in a question in advance to be asked under Any Other Business, because that's what makes these meetings truly interesting.
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