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Prem Challenge Cup: RPV 2 v Hartley 1

Post by KOB - 02-11-2016, 09:54

No report from me on this one as I couldn't make the game, and I don't think Nick was at the game either. We'd welcome anyone in a position to say a few words on our unexpected league cup exit last night at Raynes Park.
  • Millers

    03-11-2016, 10:57

    A disappointing way to exit a cup and the team we played were more than good enough to beat most teams in the league on paper. The reason why we made so many changes was thus.......
    We have been Saturday/Tuesday for a long period of time now and in that period we have relied on the same small group of players. We haven't had as many in the squad this season so players have been playing tired and with knocks. We felt it was a good opportunity to rest some for the bigger games that are to come, give opportunities to those who haven't played as much recently and to have a look at the new faces. We appreciate all those supporters who made the trip and like you, we were frustrated with the performance.
    We defended poorly throughout and both goals were poor by our standards. We were very back foot which allowed RPV to win the majority of second balls and get a foothold in central areas. It was more knowhow than desire that gave RPV the edge in the first 45 but without creating much we were dominant in the 2nd half. RPV were camped in and couldn't get out which is why the 2nd goal on the break was a killer. With balls not falling for us in the box it became a very frustrating night with only a few positives.
    Nick - we don't go into games encouraging the chaps to play root one football. We do like to be direct to our front players, reason being they are the best in the league and make things happen. Being direct doesn't mean we are long ball, it means we want to get the ball there as quickly as possible and then be direct in making a chance.....
    Saturday was frantic with both teams being very direct (and it was long ball throughout most of that) and we only played when the game got stretched, allowing our forwards players more opportunity to hold and play backwards which brought Laids and Stow into the game. First half Laids and Stow got very little room to get us playing but when we could play, we did play.
    Tuesday night was a very tight small pitch and a fairly poor surface. Raynes Park played with 3 in the middle making space a premium. You cannot play a patient passing game on it! Our game plan was to wide early and get at RPV with Duff and Smart...which we did down the left first half and more with Smart second half. RPV defended well and worked hard throughout, constantly shutting us down. On another day, with more guile in the final 3rd and certainly more luck with the ball breaking in the box it would have been a different scoreline but it is what it is. Best of Luck to RPV in the next round and credit to them.
  • Millers

    03-11-2016, 10:31

    To answer the questions about new players;
    Dec Shuttleworth. Defender/Forward. Plays for the Army national team and recently been at Alton.
    Luke Perkins. Forward/Wide player. Previously with Alton, Met Police and most recently Godalming Town.
    Nathan Smart. Full back/Wide player. Last season a regular for Basingstoke Town, currently on loan from Slough.
    • RAB

      03-11-2016, 14:18

      Thanks, Millers.
  • Hartley Row

    02-11-2016, 10:39

    Nick did make the game but his journey and the performance probably mean he won't be posting. Our continued disenchantment with the league cup continues as we lost to a side that wanted it more than us. Our starting line up boasted 7 changes from Saturday with Shuttlewoth, Perkins and Smart making their starting debuts for the ROW. We looked lethargic and our hosts were certainly more 'up for it' than we were. A pretty non-descript first half saw us concede from a free kick floated in from the left. 1-0 at half time and not much to shout about for us. We started the second period with a bit more urgency but fell further behind to a goal which I'm still not sure how it beat Jake. The introduction of Stow & Cooke livened us up but we were unable to reduce the arrears until 10 seconds from the end when Luke Perkins fired home from close range. This was just reward for Luke ploughed a lone furrow up front. We will need to be a lot better on Saturday if we are to win against a very much improved North Greenford.
    • nick vint

      02-11-2016, 16:19

      You are right I thought it better not to do reporting on our performance especially as I arrived 20 odd minutes late after road closures on the way from Kingston and going all round the houses to get there. I was also told I had not missed anything and when I saw that only Laidler, Duff and Paget were the only ones in the starting line up against premier opposition I could understand why there was so much lack of cohesion in the team. That is not to say that those coming into the team were at fault because they were not, but you are never going to get any degree of team work as a result and we spent most of the time lofting high balls towards their penalty area where we were outjumped on 99 per cent of occasions and bringing on Stow and Cookie to rejuvernate the team for the last 20 minutes did not work. I am afraid I left before the end for the long journey home and missed our goal with the last kick of the match. I do not want to criticise the management because they have done a wonderful job so far again this season, and I know they will say they want to see how others cope, and that they want to give players a rest, but they are better served, that is new players, when they come into a settled side and can adapt to their style of play. I was not going to say anything, but I will let the management chastise me and put their
      side of the argument, which I think will be greatly appreciated by all of us supporters, who will still support The Row whatever
      the result.
    • RAB

      02-11-2016, 11:56

      OK, I know if I'm meant to be a fan I should've been there but the journey, the environ of RPV & a chilly Tuesday night was not enticing.
      It would be nice to know the team that was put out & the background of Shuttleworth, Perkins and Smart. Apologies if they're reserve players but I'd like to know their footballing history. Can anyone advise?
      UP THE ROW.
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