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hartley 2 cove 0

Post by nick vint - 31-03-2016, 16:36

On paper this looked like an easy fixture, but as so often happens it is not always the case. We started brightly enough against a Cove said that as the game progressed played much better against us than many other teams we have played this season which belied their lowly position.
In the first half we created many opportunities that resulted in goals for Shane and Evers, with Shane particularly showing some delightful footwork, although on another day both could have had a hat-trick. It was still only 2-0 at half time mainly due to some great saves by their keeper and some desperate defending.
Although in the second half we put them under a lot of pressure our shooting and finishing left much to be desired and as the game wore on it encouraged Cove to start passing the ball from the back to midfield and through to the forwards and started to dominate midfield, but fortunately their finishing let them down.
However all that said even with a tepid second half display we gained another three important points to pull away from Ashford in our quest for the title; as they say winning ugly is still winning. and everyone went home happy. Up the Row

On a personal note, it saddens me to hear that we will not move up a league due to the intransigence of the
league panel in wanting such vast improvements to our
village ground. They say in their regs that in a rural setting hedging is fine. Don't we live in a village, which is a rural area, (and I have lived here for 50 years) and to put up fencing all round the ground at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds not only spoils the atmosphere
and openness but takes away the rural setting. Creating turnstiles, and toilets and another small stand, we could do without any problem, but some of these people do not live in the real world. They should spend some time looking at how much effort is put in to running a football club all by unpaid volunteers. I feel sorry for those who have put in such hard work for the success it has achieved on and off the pitch this year. But we will carry on as we have for over 100 years to find the means to improve not only the surroundings but the pitch itself.
Hartley Wintney we love you!!!
  • KOB

    03-04-2016, 20:11

    Totally agree with Nick's comments on the ground grading requirements, particularly their insistence we need a fence around the ground at huge cost. What for, and where do they think clubs at our level magic the money from? It will do nothing for the appearance of our ground where it's currently so nice to watch football - I love our rural setting - and I'd defy anyone to try to get through our hedge or successfully watch the game through it! It's idiotic and completely out of touch with the reality of what it takes to keep clubs alive at grass roots level.

    But it's just part of the usual treatment dished out to clubs that try to run their affairs the right way. Better we borrow shed loads of money, buy everything they want us to, get promotion three successive seasons, go bust, leave a trail of unpaid creditors and angry locals who turn their back on ever sponsoring football clubs, and only drop a level if we're lucky. That appears to be the FA sanctioned blueprint to soccer success.

    They've robbed us of the chance to take our rightful place in the next level and who knows if we'll get another chance or even have the stomach to try for it. We do have superb team spirit and a lot of devoted people in the club, but right now it hurts like hell and the people who make the decisions need to feel the hurt too - do they?
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