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Post by Hartley Row - 03-12-2019, 10:07

I urge all Hartley supporters to read Kevin O'Byrne's article entitled an Inspiration & a warning (pages 30 & 31) .It is something that struck me but Kevin has summed up what may befall us if we don't get the help we need. This club is worthy of your support as are the beleaguered few with their fingers in the dike.
  • Hartley Royal

    04-12-2019, 15:09

    A good article from Kevin and a timely reminder of what could very quickly happen at our club.
    On the field results, and performances, haven't been great so far this season. We sit just above the relegation zone and have had early exits, too often to lower league opposition, in most of the cup competitions.
    The early cup exits mean the opportunity for much needed prize money is lost. Attendances at League games are also in decline, poor fixture scheduling and the weather certainly haven't help this, but maybe its just that the novelty of being a Step 3 club has worn off for some.
    Commercially we have seen a reduction in matchday/matchball/player sponsors and socially numbers using the clubhouse on non-matchdays is also dwindling.
    Everyone of these contribute to a reduction in much needed revenue, required not just to play football at this level but keep our famous club running.
    So if people love this club as much as they say they do please come forward and help those that are trying so hard for you.
    • Hartley Row

      05-12-2019, 10:13

      It would be interesting to hear the opinions of the fans. If you have genuine concerns then please feel free to let us know. No grudges held. The forum is here to encourage debate
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