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Another 3 points closer to staying up

Post by Tyler - 01-02-2020, 22:12

What a difference a week makes! Six points better off after wins against Harrow and Dorchester, while Hartley were the only side in the bottom eight to win today.

While we can’t afford to get carried away after back to back wins, we do look a much improved side and have reason to be confident that we’ll earn enough points from our remaining matches to ensure safety.

Having picked up 30 points from 24 league games so far, this record puts Hartley further clear of relegation than some supporters may realise.

We are now 12 points ahead of Beaconsfield and 15 ahead of Dorchester, the bottom two clubs in our division, while 20th place does not necessarily spell relegation.

As explained in the e-programme for the Salisbury match, there are four clubs finishing in 20th place at Step 3, but only the two with the worst records are relegated. As it stands, 20th place in our division would be safe.

Walton Casuals (South) 26 pts
Cheshunt (Isthmian) 21 pts
Ashton United (Northern) 20 pts
St Ives (Central) 19 pts

At this level, just to avoid relegation is a huge achievement, and we are on our way to doing that again. UTR
  • KOB

    02-02-2020, 10:19

    A fixture negotiated rather than mastered I feel. A game we'd have been expected to win - and needed to - and that puts a different kind of pressure on players. Plenty of good individual performances, especially right across the back line and Luke behind them, and Joe and Mitch troubled them. Terrific finish from Joe for the second - I watched from directly behind as he shaped up to put it into the far corner and the keeper must have known his intention, but the shot was just too good. As a team we perhaps didn't quite click yesterday, but the win was really all that mattered.

    Yep, agree that just to avoid relegation is a huge achievement, but it takes some getting used to saying that. We've become accustomed to having our aims set a lot higher, and perhaps it was a reason for the relatively downbeat feel around the club prior to the last week or so. Certainly the atmosphere after the game yesterday was very different, and of course that's what two wins on the bounce does.

    As for Dorchester, looking at their points tally and yet how well they put up a fight yesterday shows how tight the league is from top to bottom. And their support behind the goal was top notch, backing their boys from the first to the final whistle.
  • Mick

    01-02-2020, 22:55

    Good work guys - looked a bit rusty in the 1st half and lively in the 2nd. Much improved work rate and effectiveness from midfield including Ty Smith and the effort was worthwhile as we took control of the match. Another key performance from Goalkeeper Luke Williams in saving the penalty and although we lost Shane in the process, were strong enough to repel the threat from the visitors. A decent enough performance in front of a crowd of about 230 and looking forward to the Alresford fixture on Tuesday evening. :-)
    • Rob.b

      03-02-2020, 14:17

      Although I could not make Saturday I think it was a massive win . When in our posistion you have to beat those below you. Likewise we need to keep things going tomorrow night, although I am sure there will be changes.
      We will always be a small fish in this league and we need to push on like we did last season and aim for atleast a mid table finish. We know that promotion from this league is unlikely, and possibly beyond out means. Talking of which it is very encouraging to see 'budgetometer' moving stedaily towards £2k, which is amazing.

      see you tomorrow
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