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HWFC Neck warmer for sale on E bay

Post by DaleH - 25-04-2020, 16:17

I was surprised to see HWFC neck warmers for sale on E bay, dont know if I can post a link here? It says he has more than 10 and also has them for other teams.
Is this something the club are aware of? Are they legitimate items?
If these are above board am happy to buy one hence my reason for asking.
  • Elayne

    25-04-2020, 21:37

    Hello Dale,
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    These are NOT products authorised by the Club and the vendor DOES NOT have our permission to use our badge artwork. The Club receives nothing by way of commission if these products are purchased.
    • Hartley Row

      27-04-2020, 07:18

      I doubt you will hear anything. He may well be in breach of intellectual property rights. Keep safe all !
    • DaleH

      26-04-2020, 18:46

      I did ask the seller if he is giving anything to the club or representing it so far have had no reply.
    • Hartley Row

      26-04-2020, 06:37

      Dale, ask the seller the question whether he has permission of the Clubs to use their logo and what do the clubs make per sale? Let's see what he comes back with.
    • DaleH

      25-04-2020, 21:44

      Is it something you want to either take up with E bay as a club, or look at legal advice? I feel fairly certain E bay may at least get him to take them down.
      Do you want the item number and or username of the seller?
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