Hartley Wintney FC

Ground Rules and Regulations

Applicable to all visitors to Hartley Wintney Football Club.

Please Observe Our Ground Rules & Enjoy Your Stay With Us

1.  All persons entering this ground are only admitted subject to these rules and the rules and regulations of the Football Association.

2.  The Club reserves the right to prosecute or to eject or cause to be ejected any persons who within the ground or the club premises is considered by the Club its employees or agents (hereinafter called the Club) in their absolute discretion to be, or to have been behaving in any of the following ways:
(a) Entering the field of play before or during the course of a game. The field of play is that area within the railings surrounding the perimeter of the pitch and the area beyond the goal line at the Southern Haye end of the ground.
(b) Using obscene or abusive language or persistent swearing.
(c) Being drunk or under the influence of drink or drugs to any degree.
(d) Making vulgar gestures.
(e) Using abusive language or behaviour, racial or otherwise.

3.  NO bottles, metal cans, glasses, placards, firearms, knives or other similar articles are permitted and the police and club stewards have the right to search any spectator at any time and to confiscate any article which they consider could be a danger to any other spectators.

4.  NO alcohol is to be consumed within the ground. Alcohol may only be consumed within the confines of the clubhouse or other such designated and properly licensed area. All bar areas will close fifteen minutes before kick off time.

5.  Climbing of floodlight pylons, fences, stands and other buildings is strictly forbidden and the police and club stewards have the right to eject any persons found doing so.

6.  Spectators are advised that they must keep to the designated hard standings within the confines of the ground, these being defined as the walkway to the perimeter of the pitch on 3 sides, excluding the area to Southern Haye behind the top goal, the dedicated stand and the sheltered area outside the club house.

7.  Spectators are reminded that they must not retrieve any footballs that go in the hedges or rough grass areas. The Club will not be responsible for any injury sustained by any spectator retrieving footballs howsoever caused. A Club Official or designated ball boy will retrieve any balls that exit the field of play.

8.  ALL vehicles parked in and around the ground must be properly parked to ensure access for emergency vehicles and to minimise disruption to local residents. All vehicles are parked strictly at the owner’s risk.

9.  No unauthorised vehicles are allowed in the Clubhouse/changing room car parking area. The Club reserves the right to remove any vehicle parked in contravention of this regulation. The Club will not be responsible for any damage caused whilst removing the vehicle.

By order of
The Committee
Hartley Wintney Football Club

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